About us

MM Crochet Florence is the brand name of a small company of artisans based in Florence (Italy) with trademark officially registered at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office. Our company only produces a limited number of fashion accessories at a time in order to guarantee the highest quality of craftsmanship for our customers. We created many different models and designs to include in our “Gocce di Firenze” collection. This collection of fashion accessories is dedicated to the Florentine ladies of the prestigious House of Medici, and each bag is named after one of them.

MM Crochet Florence was born out of an idea of Maria Ardizzola, our founder and designer, who was determined to revive her family traditions. Crochet, embroidery, knitting and dressmaking: these ancient arts have been passed on with love and passion by the experience and creativity of my ancestors.Techniques and secrets were handed down from generation to generation with great knowledge, professionalism and patience, until they reached me, and I now apply them to all my creations. My continuous search for new techniques and unique yarn is aimed at promoting the true Italian high-quality handicraft and introducing it to the new generations.


I feel the need to tell my story starting from when I first learned to use the technique that is commonly known as crochet. My grandmother from my mother’s side was my first teacher. She taught me the bases of crochet, starting from the most basic and classic stitches and then moving to more and more advanced techniques. Through the years I refined my technique with great dedication, constantly trying to improve the quality of the details, until I developed a more personal and creative style, which allows me to create pieces that are like no other. In their infancy, my exclusive creations are made of special types of yarn and unique handpicked accessories, which develop through the manufacturing process into one-of-a-kind items.

I am just a regular person, raised around aunts, uncles and grandparents. My father was a blacksmith, a very busy man who created artistic chandeliers, while my mother took care of the house and the family. My creativity and my love for knitting were inherited from my maternal great-grandmother and her daughter, my grandmother. My great-grandmother was a “master knitter”, and grandma followed in her footsteps. My first introduction to a crochet needle and thread was at the age of 4. It did not take long for me to learn my way around this tiny hook. It was love at first sight. That’s how, by crocheting one stitch after the other with more and more confidence, precision and speed, I started using my imagination to create my first simple doll clothes, while experimenting with new types of stitches and different colour palettes.


I inherited my love for pretty and well-made things from my paternal aunt, together with a great deal of meticulousness and self-criticism that are always useful to improve oneself. My aunt defined her style of clothing as “unusual”, as it was different and unique. She loved to stand out and not look inconspicuous, and she often chose unusual designs and fabrics for her trusted seamstress to work on for her.

Ten years ago, I started applying my knowledge to a different type of items, more creative and modern, opening myself up to a whole new range of possibilities that I could only dream of before then. Our mission is to promote handicraft to re-educate people on style, art and culture through the ancient wisdom and the manual skills of an artisan. Ideas and threads spread from the memory of the past to the science of the future to give a unique and distinctive look to any woman who wants to customise her style, emphasise her personality and go against all classic stereotypes.